Esports is a worldwide phenomenon, moving millions of fans globally. Reliable and engaging journalism is essential for the industry's growth; women play a big role in making that happen. In this article, we celebrate amazing women in esports journalism and glimpse their daily lives. Marta Juras, with a lot of experience in esports media and publishing, shared her input and story.

Marta's adventure in esports journalism started when the industry was just beginning to bloom. "When I started in esports, it was just taking off. I was inspired by the passion and hard work that went into it," Marta remembers. "Being a student, I wanted to join the industry through freelancing and writing, so I interned as a writer for Dignitas," she tells us. And that's where her journey began.

The struggles of perception

Marta has achieved a lot in her career. She's now a seasoned pro, working as the head of and serving as an editor for Dignitas and Raidiant. Women like Marta bring fresh and unique viewpoints to the industry, enriching the industry’s coverage and appeal. But, sadly, they still have to face certain challenges, especially from the community, who find it hard to accept that women can be good at gaming, too. "The challenges I faced weren't from professionals, but some in the community couldn't accept learning about gaming from a woman. They still struggle to see women as skilled gamers," Marta explains. Despite this,she keeps moving forward and showing everyone just how talented she is.

This struggle with perception doesn't just affect how people see women journalists, but it also impacts the larger discussion about gender representation in the esports and gaming community. Some still believe that women can't be as good or passionate about gaming as men, which makes it tough for them to get recognized and accepted in the gaming world.

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But here's the great part: women constantly work to break through these stereotypes. They're showing everyone how talented and committed they are as esports journalists, regardless of gender. We’re proving that our skills and passion for gaming are just as strong as anyone else's.

Looking Ahead

Marta is hopeful about the future of women in esports. She's optimistic and says, "I've met incredible women in esports, and they will achieve greatness." She imagines a future where women are not just on the sidelines but right at the forefront, making a significant impact in the industry.

Things have changed. Women used to stay hidden and not get noticed much but are now stepping forward and making their voices heard. They are just as passionate, skilled, and hardworking as men in the industry.

Marta dreams of a more inclusive esports community where everyone gets the same chances. "I hope to see less separation between genders in tournaments and the community," she says strongly. If we break down these barriers, the esports world will become more diverse and welcoming for everyone involved. It will be a better place for ALL of us.

Advice to Aspiring Women

For women who want to be esports journalists, Marta has some powerful advice: "Don't hesitate; you're just as good as anyone else. Fight for your place." In this fast-growing and competitive field, it's essential for women to believe in themselves and not let doubt hold them back.

This advice is like a call to action for aspiring women (me included)to be bold and confidently go after their dreams. Yes, there might be challenges on the way, but women in esports are showing how capable they are and making the industry better. Aspiring women can inspire change and bring progress by standing up for equal opportunities.

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Marta's journey is a shining example of the strength and dedication needed to succeed in esports journalism. With hard work and passion, women can find their spot in this industry.. Marta's advice is all about empowering women in esports journalism, making a future where talent matters more than gender.

A Dynamic Industry

Esports journalism has come a long way over the years, and Marta is here to share her insights. "More women are taking opportunities now, which is encouraging," she says. It's great news to see more women getting involved in esports journalism and making their mark in the industry.

As more women join, the industry becomes more inclusive and diverse, which is a positive change. Their unique perspectives enrich esports coverage, making it more interesting for everyone.

The road ahead might have challenges, but women's presence in esports journalism will continue to grow. With each step they take, the industry becomes more welcoming, not only for the professionals but also for the countless fans who love esports.

Staying Relevant and Updated

For Marta, being authentic is key to building strong professional networks. "I stay true to myself - friendly, easy to talk to, and passionate," she explains. In the world of esports, networking is vital to keep your head in the game. It's not just about making connections for work, but also about forming genuine friendships based on a shared love for gaming.

To keep up with the fast-moving world of esports, Marta spends time doing online research and analysis. "Esports happens online, and journalism is the same," she says. To stay updated, she follows important names, organizations, Reddit discussions, Twitch streams, and upcoming tournaments. By staying informed, Marta ensures her coverage is up-to-date and exciting for her audience.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity

Marta stresses the importance for esports organizations to embrace diversity. "Esports orgs have a lot of influence," she emphasizes. To make diversity normal and accepted, they should ensure everyone is equally represented and empowered.

In the world of esports, people from all different backgrounds play and cheer for their favorite teams. That's why organizations need to make sure everyone feels included. When they promote diversity, it's like showing a mirror to the diverse fan base. It sends a message that everyone is welcome and important in the community.

Marta's suggestion is powerful, as it encourages esports organizations to take an active role in creating a space where everyone feels valued and included, no matter where they come from. Embracing diversity makes the industry better and shows others in the gaming world how it's done.

The Road Ahead

Marta has an exciting vision for the future. She wants to see a world where women in esports have a bigger say and influence."Women journalists deserve equal recognition and opportunities to represent their expertise to the community," she shares.

In this future she imagines, gender won't hold anyone back in esports journalism. Women will be celebrated for their skills and contributions, just like men are. The industry will be a place where everyone's voice is heard and valued, regardless of gender.

Empowering women journalists with equal recognition and opportunities will make the esports industry more diverse and forward-thinking. Women's contributions will shape the narrative, and their expertise will be acknowledged without any reservations or prejudices.

Marta's dream for the future is like a call to action. She wants the esports community to support and embrace women journalists as they chase success. In this future, what matters most is talent and hard work, not gender.

Every day, the esports world gets closer to Marta's vision. Women keep showing their skills and inspiring others in esports. As more women lead the way, the whole industry becomes fairer and more respectful to everyone. Let’s work to make her vision a reality.


Women in esports are amazing. That’s it. They are breaking barriers and bringing important ideas to the industry. Even with challenges, their passion and hard work shine over them.

Marta's journey and wisdom should motivate everyone to be more inclusive. Let's create a future where talent matters most, not gender. We should celebrate the achievements of women in esports journalism and support their ongoing success in this exciting field.

All together, we can make esports journalism a place where everyone's talents are recognized and valued. Let's cheer for the incredible women making their mark!