Community Management plays a vital role in the success of gaming and esports companies. However, it can confuse newcomers as a field that shares many characteristics with other professions, such as press relations and social media. You might wonder how to enter the Community Management landscape. I spoke to the fantastic Community Managers Marion Mỹ Anh Baxerres and Victoria Tran to collect a few tips for new and aspiring Community Managers!

Must Community Managers have a specific personality?

A Community Manager's (CM) responsibility is to grow a brand's community by connecting with its members. In conclusion, many believe that CMs must be extroverted to succeed. When I asked Marion and Victoria about this, both said this assumption was not necessarily true. Marion thinks all personalities can do great in Community Management if they meet company and community needs. "I have seen some really good CMs that were not social or outgoing." Additionally, CMs with different personalities can learn from each other's work approaches.