Casting is becoming one of the more popular esports jobs. Especially with everything going online, more people can try out casting as a hobby or dedicate their time to making casting their full-time job. Despite the newfound accessibility, sometimes it is hard to find the resources to begin casting. I sat down with Darlyn "Gompers" Diaz to talk about some tips she would give to new casters.

Darlyn "Gompers" Diaz

Gompers is an up-and-coming Valorant caster. She started casting through Galorants’ Caster Training program. From there, she got an internship with Space Productions (now called SpaceTime Strategies) to cast for the MSI Radiant Cup. Moreover, she was selected to participate in Riot’s VCT Game Changers Verizon Caster Training program, where she attended workshops led by leading Valorant casters. Gompers is a regular caster for VCT NA Game Changers, Knights Gauntlets, and more. She also casts multiple titles outside of Valorant like Rocket League and Fortnite.