Genji is a movement-heavy hero that comes in handy on control, push, and escort maps. Chances are, if you’re pushing a payload, you’ve been unexpectedly flanked by a Genji at least once or twice.

Genji is a great character for players wanting a lot of mobility who can play well with a team or in a 1v1 setting. With Genji’s damage output, he is a great choice for players, but his learning curve can be steep.

His wall-climbing ability and dash make him an excellent character to flank with, and his ability to deflect makes him a tough opponent, even for ranged characters like Ashe or Widomaker. Once you’re able to master his kit and learn when to deflect, you’ll be a strong contender for your team’s MVP. This article will help you take a closer look at Genji’s abilities to help you familiarize yourself with his kit.


Fire to throw an accurate burst of 3 projectiles. Alt-FIRE to throw a fan of 3 projectiles in an arc.

This is Genji’s primary weapon. It’s a projectile-based weapon that can deal a good bit of damage if you can manage a headshot. When you use the primary fire button, Genji will toss out three Shuriken in a row toward whatever you’re aiming at. Even if you miss the headshot, if you land all three strikes, you can still do some good damage to your opponent.

The further away Genji is from an opponent, the longer it will take for the hit to land. This makes it difficult to hit moving targets, so it will take some practice to get used to and, more easily, land shots. Due to this, it’s recommended to move in closer before striking.

If you struggle to land shots with your primary fire, try using the alternate fire method. In this method, Genji will toss a fan or Shuriken to hit a wider spread sort of like a shotgun.

Once you’re comfortable with this ability, you can pair it up with Genji’s dash strike, then fire again or melee for extra damage.


Deflect incoming projectiles in the direction you’re aiming and block melee attacks.

This ability is one of the strongest in his kit. When activated, Genji will hold up his dagger for a brief period, and any projectiles that land on him are reflected in whatever direction the player is aiming.

This can come in handy to reflect a wide variety of incoming attacks, even including Zarya’s and Pharah’s Ultimate Abilities. A well-timed deflect can cause your opponent’s shot to fly right back towards them and cause some unexpected damage.

This is especially handy against long-range characters. Since Genji’s Shuriken is best used in close-range combat, he can sometimes be at a disadvantage to characters sniping from far away. However, if you use Deflect and aim it well enough, you could potentially take out a sniper like Ashe or Widomaker with their own bullets. With this ability, it all comes down to timing.

Swift Strike

Rapidly dash forward and inflict damage on enemies. Eliminations reset the cooldown.

Genji already has great mobility by default, but with Swift Strike, his mobility is taken to even greater heights. This ability can be used as an extra dash to get places quicker or to escape dicey situations.

Once activated, Genji will dash quickly in the direction players are aiming. He will cut through enemies and damage any that he connects with. If you know a nearby enemy has low health, this can be a great ability to use to guarantee elimination by quickly closing the gap between you and them while outputting damage.

If you manage to get a kill with Swift Strike, it will eliminate the cooldown, allowing you to chain together another swift strike or take an opponent down and escape before their team has time to retaliate.


Climb on walls and double jump.

This passive ability is the reason for Genji’s vast mobility. This allows him to double-jump and climb up walls and other surfaces. This allows Genji to get to places out of reach of other players easily. This gives him an advantage to flank opponents more easily or quickly escape danger.

Dragon Blade (Ultimate Ability)

Unsheathe a deadly melee weapon.

Once this ability is activated, Genji transforms from a projectile-throwing hero to a katana-wielding melee attacker. The damage Genji can do while wielding his Dragon Blade, in combination with his gap-closing ability and his high mobility, can make this ultimate deadly to the opposing team.

Squishier players like healers and players who lack escape abilities or have low mobility are all at risk of falling to this ultimate. Genji could wipe out the entire opposing team with a well-timed ultimate.

Tips and Tricks

  • Shuriken is better for close-range. If you’re having trouble landing a hit with your primary fire, try switching to an alternate fire like a shotgun to widen your spread.
  • Using your Shuriken, then Swift Strike followed by another Shuriken or melee attack can deal a devastating amount of damage
  • Deflect can be used to counter some ultimate abilities like Zarya, Pharah, or Roadhog. It can also be used as a defense against long-range opponents like Widowmaker or Ashe.
  • Swift Strike can be chained together if you get eliminations.
  • Cyber-Agility gives Genji impressive mobility. You can use this mobility to flank your opponents to catch them off guard.
  • Timing is key with Dragon Blade. This ultimate combined with Genji’s mobility has the potential to drop a whole team.

Genji is a great DPS to get to know. The learning curve may be steep, but the payoff could be worth it. He’s not invincible, but he is a good character for aggressive players, as his mobility can help him escape situations that would get other characters sent back to spawn.