It’s high noon! Grab your Peacekeeper and send your enemies racing back to spawn. Cassidy is a pretty straightforward DPS hero. Since he’s not as complex as some of the other heroes, he is a good choice for both veterans who want to show off their aim and for new players who want to get more acquainted with the game without getting overwhelmed with abilities and cooldowns.

His kit comes with a revolver, a magnetic grenade, and a combat roll. While it may not seem like much, when used correctly, this simple kit allows Cassidy to be one of the most dangerous players on the map. With his high mobility, he can even sneak around to the enemy's flank and catch them off guard.

Cassidy’s kit is all about hitting your shots. He’s a good close-to-mid-range fighter, and you will seea dropoff in his damage if you are too far away. This article will help walk you through his kit to help make sure you’re getting the most out of his abilities.


Accurate, powerful revolver.

This is Cassidy’s weapon of choice. It’s a fast-firing revolver that excels in multiple fighting ranges. While it is recommended to take on mid-range fights since it is dependent on landing shots, Cassidy can take the fight closer and alt-fire. Alt-firing this weapon will cause Cassidy to unleash his clip by firing wildly toward his opponent.

The Peacekeeper is a hit-scan weapon meaning the damage is instant once fired. While the weapon does a decent amount of damage, Cassidy can take down squishier enemies with about two headshots if your aim is on point. If you can get your aim right, you can effectively take out opposing DPS and support characters rather quickly.

The alt-fire on this weapon can be used no matter how many bullets Cassidy has left in the gun. This is a great way to fight back against enemies that are harder to hit as Cassidy will empty the remainder of the magazine in a fan motion at rapid speed.

Combat Roll

Roll in the direction you’re moving to take reduced damage and reload.

This ability gives Cassidy a small movement boost and allows for him to quickly maneuver out of the way of incoming gunfire. This ability is especially useful, because it also reloads Peacekeeper no matter how many shots are left.

This is useful not only as a boost in mobility during intense battles but if you and an enemy are reloading around the same time. You can use your combat roll to gain the upper hand and end them while they’re stuck in a reload animation.

While this ability is pretty straightforward, timing is key. Knowing when to dodge and when to hold it for more intense battles will be the key to victory.

Magnetic Grenade

Throw a homing grenade that sticks to enemies, slowing them and preventing them from using movement abilities.

This ability is like a sticky grenade. Once tossed, it slightly tracks toward enemies, and if it sticks to them, it will slow them before detonating. Even if you don’t manage to stick the enemy, it will still do a good amount of burst damage.

This ability is best used in close-quarter fights against enemies you have a hard time nailing down. Toss the grenade at your opponent in combination with Peacekeeper’s alt-fire to deal immense damage in a burst.

Deadeye (Ultimate Ability)

Face off against your enemies. Press Q to lock on, then Q or Ability 3 to fire.

Cassidy’s Ultimate can be an easy way to one-shot the opposing team if used correctly. Once activated, you’ll notice the screen turn a shade of amber and see skull icons pop up over the head of enemies within your line of sight. Keep in mind that if an enemy finds cover, your ultimate will miss them.

The longer you charge the ability, the more damage it will do once you hit the fire button again to shoot.While activated, Cassidy also gets a damage reduction while charging, so he’s a little harder to take down.

It’s best to use this ability if you can catch your enemies on a flank. If you manage to catch a group of enemies off guard and can charge up the ultimate long enough, you can easily one-shot multiple opponents at once.

Pick your moments carefully, though. While in the Deadeye state, Cassidy is very vulnerable and has limited movement. He also can’t do anything else until using the ability, so be sure not to trigger it out in the open in the middle of a fight.

Tips and Tricks

  • The aim is everything. With only six shots in the revolver, be sure to make every shot count
  • If you’re in a close-range battle, it may be best to alt-fire to rapidly get shots off on your enemy
  • If you and your opponent are both reloading, don’t forget to utilize your combat roll ability, so you can catch them off guard while they’re stuck in a reload animation.
  • Magnetic Grenades are best used in close-quarter fights in combination with Peacekeeper’s alt-fire to deal massive burst damage in a small amount of time
  • Flanking the enemy is ideal before using Deadeye, so you can try to catch the enemy off-guard and hopefully be able to charge it longer to deal heavier damage.
  • Deadeye is also a good combo ultimate used with crowd-control ultimates like Zarya, Sigmaa, or Reinhardt.

Cassidy’s kit isn’t overly complicated, so it’s a great kit for those who want a more simplistic playstyle. That being said, however, you are going to want to make sure you can aim well in order to get the most out of his abilities.