The grueling heat during the summer months can make gaming an unpleasant experience. Even if you try to keep the heat out, with a gaming PC, a sweaty game session is almost guaranteed. This can take the fun out of your hobby and distract you from giving it your all. These tips will keep you cool no matter how hot the summer gets!

Fans as an alternative to air conditioners

Unlike in the US, many European households do not have built-in air conditioners. That means once the air inside has heated up, it is nearly impossible to cool it down during summer days. The result is unpleasant gaming sessions. Luckily, modern fans do a decent job of making the accumulated heat less noticeable. They may not be able to cool down an entire room, but they are great at cooling you down while you sit still while gaming. If you do not have the means to get a standard-sized fan, there are many mini alternatives to place on your desk instead!