In this guide, we'll delve into Deadlock's crowd control abilities, offer tips for playing her on attack and defense, explore the art of using her toolkit effectively, and help you decide if she's the perfect agent for your play style. Even though Deadlock can be slightly complicated, her potential is worth the extra effort and practice.

Here’s how to use Deadlock in Valorant to win your ranked games.

All of Deadlock's abilities in Valorant

Deadlock's arsenal comprises four powerful abilities, each serving a distinct purpose in shaping the battlefield. Let's break them down:

Sonic Sensor (Ability 1 - Q): Equip this sonic device and fire it to deploy in an area. The sensor acts as an auditory sentry, monitoring for enemy sounds like footsteps, weapons firing, or significant noise. Once detected, it delivers a concussive blow to the area, disrupting foes and giving you a tactical advantage.

GravNet (Ability 2 - C): Similar to the Sonic Sensor, Deadlock equips the GravNet and deploys it in an area to monitor for enemy sounds. It creates a more potent concussive blast upon detection, leaving enemies disoriented and ripe for the picking.

Barrier Mesh (Signature - E): Deadlock equips a Barrier Mesh disc that can be thrown. Upon landing, the disc generates barriers that block enemy character movement, allowing you to create defensive choke points or trap opponents in tight spots.

Annihilation (Ultimate - X): With the Nanowire Accelerator equipped, Deadlock fires to unleash a pulse of nanowires that captures the first enemy they touch. The cocooned enemy is pulled along a nanowire path and faces certain doom if not freed. The nanowire cocoon adds a thrilling element of crowd control to her already formidable arsenal.

Using Deadlock's abilities effectively

Here are some key strategies to use her abilities effectively:

On both attack and defense, using the Sonic Sensor and GravNet together can create a symphony of chaos. Place the Sonic Sensor at a choke point to detect enemy movement, and if you hear the telltale sounds of foes, follow up with the GravNet for a powerful concussive combo.

Deadlock's abilities are not just about brute force. Use her Sonic Sensor and GravNet to deceive enemies, luring them into thinking you're at one location while you set up barriers or lie in wait to strike from another angle.

The Barrier Mesh is a versatile tool that can be used offensively and defensively. Experiment with different barrier placements to block enemy movement, force opponents into vulnerable positions, or protect your team during retakes.

Finally, Deadlock's ultimate, Annihilation, can turn the tide of a round, but its success lies in precise timing and target selection. Catch unaware enemies with the nanowire cocoon or use it to punish aggressive pushes and stall enemy advances.

Playing Deadlock on Attack

Picking Deadlock on the attack is all about embracing the chaos and exploiting opportunities. Utilize her Sonic Sensor and GravNet to scout ahead, catching lurking enemies off guard with unexpected concussive blasts. But beware, the art of attack with Deadlock isn't just about individual brilliance—it's about creating opportunities for your teammates to thrive.

For example, Deadlock’s GravNet is highly valuable when a duelist is around to capitalize on it, or paired with an incendiary. Otherwise, plainly slowing down an enemy renders no result. Deadlock’s barrier is highly valuable on defense, but it can be equally beneficial on attack. Use the transparent wall to hop on odd angles and catch you foes at their most vulnerable.

Playing Deadlock on Defense

As a sentinel on defense, Deadlock truly shines. Her Barrier Mesh is the perfect tool for locking down choke points, restricting enemy movement, and creating a web of protection that frustrates the attackers. Combine this with her ultimate, Annihilation, to snare unsuspecting foes and throw their plans into disarray.

A crucial aspect of Deadlock's defensive gameplay is being patient and observant. Anticipate enemy movements, and time your abilities for maximum impact. Embrace the role of a calculated sentry, and the battlefield will bend to your will.

Is Deadlock the Ideal Agent for You?

Now, the million-dollar question: Is Deadlock the agent for you? The answer lies in your preferred playstyle. If you crave intense gameplay with elements of surprise, but from the backlines, Deadlock could be your perfect match.

Deadlock is the type of sentinel that blends aggression and calm, similar to Chamber. Unlike other sentinels, her toolkit is an amalgam of chaos and cool. So, she has the potential to be the number one agent in Valorant due to the pliable nature of her toolkit that is suitable for almost anyone who plays Valorant. So, if you’re new, don’t shy away from giving Deadlock a shot. Who knows? Maybe she’s your key to Radiant.