If you have a passion for gaming and digital painting skills, you can turn your hobby into a lucrative career, creating anything from concept art to game design. In this article, we’ll explore the role of digital painting in the gaming industry and give some tips on how to turn your passion into a career.

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The value of digital painting skills in the industry

The gaming industry is a rapidly growing field that relies primarily on visual storytelling. This is what makes it a great field for passionate gamers who are also good at digital painting. But you'll need more than decent digital painting skills to land a job in the gaming industry.

But first of all, what is digital painting, and how are digital painting skills valuable in the industry?

Digital painting skills are valuable in the gaming industry because they allow game developers to create detailed and visually stunning artwork for characters, environments, and objects in games. Concept artists and digital painters use these skills to create original designs and artwork that sets the tone and style of a game. This artwork is used in the early stages of game development to establish the look and feel of the game, and it can also be used for marketing and promotional materials. Additionally, digital painting skills are helpful in creating textures and 3D models used to bring the game world to life and make it more immersive. Overall, digital painting skills are an essential component of the game development process, and they are highly sought after in the industry.

If you’re new to the industry, your best option is to start with small projects and move over to bigger things once you gain more experience. For artists, this usually means starting with texture and icon design, the easiest jobs for digital painters. However, given that the gaming industry is such a competitive field, even these entry-level jobs sometimes require some experience and a level of expertise.

Building your portfolio

There are, of course, certain ways you can make your job hunting in the industry easier. Like with any creative job, one of the most important parts of finding employment is showcasing your skills in the best way possible. The best way to do that is to carefully craft your portfolio.

With creative jobs, your portfolio is often more important than your actual resume since it gives your potential employers an insight into your level of skills and your personal style. While crafting your portfolio, try to focus on quality over quantity. It’s always better to show off your best art pieces instead of focusing on the number of works in your portfolio. However, your portfolio should also showcase a variety of different works. This can give your potential employers an insight into the range of your skills. Another thing you should keep track of is the current trends in the gaming industry. The best way to show your potential employers that you are adaptable and creative is by reproducing elements from what is popular then and reproducing them in your own style.

Building a strong and memorable portfolio takes time and work, but overall, it’s crucial to finding a job in the gaming industry. Many artists opt for public portfolios on various art portfolio sites or their own websites. These online portfolios are great for many reasons but, most importantly, their accessibility. Not only will a public portfolio make you discoverable to your potential employers, but you will also gain the attention of other peers and professionals. Not only will it help you improve your skills, but it is also an excellent networking opportunity.

Due to the competitive nature of the gaming industry, many artist jobs are often not posted online due to the competitive nature of the gaming industry. This is why finding job listings might sometimes seem impossible. Finding referrals and contacts will make your chances of finding new jobs easier. Not only that, but it can lead to new collaborations with better-known artists.

Getting familiar with other tools

If you’re trying to land a job in the gaming industry as a digital painter, getting familiar with game engines and development tools can be of great service while job hunting. Not only will it make you stand out amongst other candidates, but it will also give you a chance to participate in projects more effectively. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in and if you’re looking for ways to reach out to more job listings, try getting familiar with some of the more beginner-friendly programs like Unreal Engine or Unity. Both of these programs have user-friendly interfaces, are frequently used in the industry, and are free. In short, owning these skills can make you a more desirable job candidate in the competitive world of gaming.


Finding a job in the often-competitive gaming industry as a digital painter can sometimes be hard. It requires time, dedication, and an understanding of the industry’s needs. In this line of work, just your artistic talent won’t be enough to land a good job. Besides building your portfolio and networking, the usual means of trying to get into the industry, focus on other ways that can make you stand out amongst the crowd.

In conclusion, it's crucial to start small and be patient. The most important thing is to keep learning, improving your skills, and building your portfolio, while also networking and getting feedback to increase your chances of success. With dedication and hard work, you can achieve your goals and land your dream job in the gaming industry.