Last year, Riot Games shared their vision for the future of competitive Valorant, and they’ve kept their word. The brand new Premier mode is finally here, and it’s the pipe dream of every serious Valorant player. If you’re still confused about why Riot announced a new mode when ranked exists, then keep reading. There are many reasons why Valorant Premier is worth competing if you’re a serious player.

What’s so special about Valorant Premier?

Think of it as FACEIT and ESEA for Valorant, allowing only authorized and verified players from all skill groups to enter into match-making. Similarly, Valorant Premier will only allow players who have verified their accounts through 2FA. This ultimately improves the overall gameplay quality for like-minded players in for serious gameplay.

The 2FA verification method is best for such competitive modes since it helps screen out multi-account users, griefers, and trolls who tend to make the game unbearable.

The goal of the new mode is to provide a healthy and fair competitive environment. So, there will be no smurfs, trolls, or griefers due to 2FA. There will only be a bunch of like-minded players pitted together to win. It’ll allow players to improve their skills and communication, which is a big issue in ranked.

Unlike ranked mode, which has skill group restrictions, Premier mode allows players to play with all of their friends regardless of what skill group they’re from; so now, a player who is from the top skill group Radiant can play with their friends who are from the lower skill group.

What “Beyond Radiant” entails

In the announcement video, Riot said that Premier aims to “present an even higher goal beyond Radiant that provides the most competition-hungry players with a rewarding challenge beyond ranked.” So, what does going beyond Radiant mean? Simply, the reward is no longer just the coveted golden badge. It’s the ticket to VCT, the ultimate dream.

Implementing Premier mode into Valorant will definitely help grow the competitive scene of Valorant since more and more players who take the game seriously will start grinding and competing for the top spot.

According to Valorant’s Head of Esports Leo Faria, the comp mode ‘will be the path to VCT Challengers leagues’ and possibly replace the current open qualifying system. In that regard, it’s more beneficial for aspiring players to play in the premier mode instead of ranked mode since it holds a much bigger reward; spending sleepless nights grinding ranked for nothing more than a cool-looking golden badge seems like a waste of time anyway.

Valorant Premier mode seems very promising for aspiring players looking to make a career out of gaming since the system is designed to give everyone a fair chance to prove themselves. This presents a valuable opportunity for aspiring players to pursue their dreams of making a career in gaming, as the rewards and recognition associated with Premier mode far surpass those found in regular ranked play. If you excel at the game and you take the game seriously, the doors to VCT are open for you, and the prize is there for the taking.

Since there is a bigger reward attached, you’ll mostly see players who take the game more seriously, whereas most players in ranked aren’t as determined. Instead of playing with a 1v5 mentality, insta-locking agents, and barging into the enemy sites playing with barely any communication, the new mode will allow players to think together and strategize their moves.

Why choose Premier over ranked?

Valorant Premier fosters an intensified competitive atmosphere where players are more focused, driven, and invested in the outcome of each match. In addition, the high-stakes nature of Premier mode encourages players to collaborate closely with their teammates, leading to improved teamwork, coordination, and synergy.

Playing in the Premier will allow players to earn recognition for themselves in the wider gaming community. By participating in Premier mode, players can establish themselves as formidable competitors, attracting attention from esports organizations and potentially paving the way to professional opportunities. In addition, the sense of accomplishment and the acknowledgment received through Valorant Premier can boost a player’s confidence, motivation, and overall satisfaction with their gaming journey.

Ultimately, playing in the Premier instead of ranked mode provides a more refined and rewarding competitive experience. It offers a pathway to higher levels of competition, increased recognition, and the chance to connect with a community of passionate players.

So, if you are serious about testing your skills, pursuing a career in gaming, and immersing in the cut-throat, competitive scene, Valorant Premier is the place to be.