Twitch is a popular streaming platform for creators to build communities and support themselves. Maybe you are a seasoned Twitch streamer wanting to take your stream to the next level, or a new individual just starting your stream. Twitch has two different levels for streamers to monetize their content and foster their community: Twitch Affiliate and Twitch Partner programs. In this article, we will discuss general information about Twitch Partner, explain Twitch's Path to Partner, and outline the benefits of being a Twitch Partner.

How to become a Twitch Partner

Twitch Partner is a coveted achievement for streamers to earn. Streamers must meet specific viewership qualifications or have a large following on a different social media platform to apply for Twitch. In addition to viewership numbers, Twitch also values streamers who are role models and follow community guidelines. This leads to the question: how do I know if I’m eligible to apply for Twitch Partner? Twitch has created Path to Partner to answer that question.