These communities are dedicated to providing women with a supportive environment and opportunities to grow in the gaming industry.

  1. The*gameHers: This community connects female gamers together. They have a Discord server, a collegiate program, and an award show. They even have an app where users can make their own profiles, find events, discuss games, and talk about other topics like beauty and fashion.
  2. Black Girl Gamers (BGG): BGG focuses on uplifting black women in the gaming industry. They are a talent agency, stream team, and a Discord community.
  3. Women In Games (WIG): WIG forms connections between women who want to pursue a professional career in gaming and those who just like to game. They have workshops with industry professionals, an ambassador program, a Discord community for casual gamers, and another Discord for professionals.
  4. Women In Games International (WIGI): In November 2021, WIGI received a 1 million grant from Activision Blizzard to further the advancement of women in gaming. With this grant, they have improved many of their programs. They have a micro mentorship program, free interactive workshops about navigating one's career and building confidence, and grants that provide financial support for women to attend conferences.
  5. 1000s Dreams Fund: 1000s Dreams Fund provides grants to women to upgrade their equipment, go to conventions, and more! They also have a Discord community.

There are many organizations whose goal is to uplift women in gaming, but sometimes they are hard to find. Hopefully, this will give you a stepping stone to joining more!