In the world of gaming and esports, streaming on platforms like Twitch or YouTube has become a popular way to showcase your gameplay and build and connect with an audience. One of the ways to make your stream stand out and more aesthetically pleasing is by creating a unique Twitch overlay.

An overlay is a graphical frame that surrounds your gameplay screen, displaying information like your webcam feed, social media handles, and more. In this guide, we'll show you how to create your very own Twitch overlay using two user-friendly tools: Canva and Procreate.

Canva: Creating a Stream Overlay

Step 1: Sign Up and Log In

If you're not already a Canva user, sign up for a free account at Once you're signed in, you're ready to start designing your overlay.

Step 2: Choose the Right Dimensions

On the top-right corner, start by selecting ‘Create a Design’ and ‘Custom Dimensions’. A common size for an overlay is 1920x1080 px, as it usually fits well with all Twitch resolutions.

Step 3: Design Your Overlay

Canva provides a wide variety of tools and design elements you can use to create your overlay. You can add shapes, images, text, and more. Here's a simple step-by-step process:

(For an easy overlay, search Twitch on the Design Templates tab to choose between multiple premade options both free and paid).

Background: Choose a background color or image that matches your stream's theme. You can choose a Canva template to use as a starting point or upload your own images and artworks.

Webcam Frame: Leave space for your webcam feed. You can also create a stylish frame around it using shapes and colors that match your overall design.

Text: Add your username, social media handles, or any other information you want to display on your overlay.

Borders and Accents: Spice up your overlay with decorative borders, icons, or other design elements that enhance your branding. Here’s where you can let your imagination fly and do whatever you like!

Step 4: Download and Set Up on Twitch

Once your overlay is ready, click the ‘Download’ button and choose a high-resolution image format (PNG is what I normally use). Upload the overlay image to your preferred streaming software, such as OBS or Streamlabs. Position the overlay over your gameplay screen, making sure it doesn't cover essential parts of the game, and set up the camera and chat windows on the specified fields you left open for them.

Procreate: Crafting an Overlay for a Personal Touch

Step 1: Set Up Your Canvas

If you have an iPad with Procreate, open the app and create a new canvas with the same dimensions as before (1920x1080).

Step 2: Design Your Overlay

Procreate offers powerful drawing tools that let you create a custom overlay from scratch. The main advantage of Procreate over Canva is that here, you control everything, you have as much freedom as your imagination offers you. So, if you know the ins and outs of procreate and if you love drawing, give this option a go.

Here's how:

Background: Choose a background color or create a background image that matches your style.

Drawing: Use the drawing tools to craft shapes, borders, and other design elements. You can also import images and add them to your overlay (just like Canva design elements: just be sure to use free-to-use assets or paid or credit for the ones that require so).

Text: Add text for your username, social media links, or any other information you want to display.

Screen Area: Create a designated space for your webcam and gameplay feed. This could be a frame or an open area, depending on your preferences.

To use as an example, I painted a few bits over the previously designed Canva overlay:

But keep in mind that the main advantage of using Procreate is that you can do whatever you want; the sky is the limit.

Step 3: Export and Use on Twitch

Once your overlay is ready, export it as a high-resolution image file and follow the same steps as before in your streaming app.

Final Comments

Creating your own Twitch overlay is a fantastic way to showcase your personal style and engage your audience while streaming. Whether you choose Canva's user-friendly interface or Procreate's artistic freedom, these tools empower you to make your stream visually appealing.

Remember to keep your overlay easy to read, as it's essential for viewers from all around the world to understand the information you're displaying. Dive into the world of overlay design and make your Twitch stream truly your own!