Indie games are games typically made by smaller, independent publishers. These games often don’t receive funding or support from larger gaming corporations. It comes as no surprise that these games have trouble reaching a bigger audience. This is because they don’t have large marketing campaigns and aren’t linked to well-known companies. However, avid fans of video games do their part in making good indie games popular.

Looking at some of the most popular indie games of all time, like Cuphead, Undertale, or Stardew Valley, it’s evident that indie games can gather quite a following without support from a larger studio. Many new indie games have been released in the past years. Many of these have reached significant fame thanks to the popularization of streaming platforms like Twitch. In addition to that, gamers are usually fond of indie games since they recognize the talent needed to produce a good game without the support of large corporations. Here are some of the best indie games released in 2023.


Dredge is a single-player fishing game with an eldritch twist. The game was developed by Black Salt Games, a small indie studio from New Zealand. You begin as a character stranded on an island called Greater Marrow after your car has broken down. You begin your adventure by going out to catch some fish and finding your bearings. This unique mix of RPG, puzzle, horror, and fishing has garnered quite an audience since its initial release. In addition to the fantastic Lovecraftian atmosphere, the game is full of new and interesting mechanisms that are sure to keep players “hooked.”

Shadows of Doubt

Shadows of Doubt is a sandbox detective game set in a fictional 1980s city. The game was developed by ColePowered Games. You work as a private detective who is working on solving cases in a sci-fi noir city. In addition to the beautiful design of the game, players praise the game for its randomly generated city layout and the routines of its citizens. Not only that but the murder cases you are solving are randomly generated, as well as the case details. The goal of the game is to raise your social credit score and leave the city. What makes this game so great is its immersive story and unique gameplay.


Viewfinder is an amazing visual puzzle game developed and published by Sad Owl Studios. Viewfinder is a puzzle game unlike any other. Players are encouraged to challenge their perspective and creativity to navigate through a colorful landscape using your camera. Players can use their camera to take pictures and place them inside the game as objects. Viewfinder is a fairly short game. It takes about 6 hours to reach 100% completion. Even though the focus of the game is its visual element, it still has a charming story. Your character is exploring a simulation created in order to bring balance to the ecosystem and save the planet. Through your exploration, you need to find various clues that can help you explain why the simulation failed. In addition to this, you are accompanied by an adorable cat companion who helps you navigate through this colorful world.

The Alters - upcoming

The Alters is a sci-fi adventure game developed by 11 Bit Studios. This independent studio based in Warsaw has already produced some hits like Frostpunk and This War of Mine. The Alters is set to be released by the end of this year. Unlike their previous games, The Alters centers around an astronaut who is trying to return home after a mission that has gone wrong. This management simulator differs from other recent games in its comedic tone and unique story. The story revolves around Jon Dolski, the sole survivor of a mission who has to use clones of himself to survive. Each one of these clones has different needs and preferences. The key to surviving and ultimately beating the game is figuring out how each of these alters works and how they could work together. Due to its unique story and gameplay, this game will surely make it to the top of the list as soon as it’s released.

Final thoughts

2023 has been one of the best years for gamers, with many new hits like Baldurs Gate 3 or The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom coming from bigger studios. However, gamers around the world still recognize the charm and uniqueness indie studios have to offer.

Therefore, Good indie games will always be appreciated for their innovative gaming mechanics and often more simple visuals. In addition to that, most indie games are more budget-friendly. This is what makes these games a great pick if you’re looking to try out something new.