ATHENA Series is a €1000 tournament for women and non-binary Valorant players. There will be 16 teams competing:

  1. Tenstar Nova
  2. Skelp Serene
  3. Vvitches
  4. Nom Legion
  5. Case Hydra
  6. Kaizen Blue
  7. Karma
  8. Mixance
  9. N1mp
  10. Wraith Esports
  11. Angry Titans Oni
  12. Sangal Rebels
  13. Finest Female
  14. Rix.GG Lightning
  15. Into The Breach Prime
  16. GODSENT Iris

Although this tournament is not part of Game Changers, it will be important to watch. Many of these teams will be competing in the last VCT EMEA Game Changers series on September 9th, 2022. Be sure to tune in to the ATHENA Series on September 2nd through 4th.