Valorant continues to captivate players with its dynamic gameplay and strategic depth in the ever-evolving online gaming world. This first-person shooter game by Riot Games offers a unique twist to the genre, combining elements of precise shooting and strategic planning. To enhance the gaming experience, Riot Games introduced a new feature known as "Kingdom Credits," a currency system that allows players to unlock agents and other in-game goodies.

What Are Kingdom Credits?

Kingdom Credits are a virtual currency introduced by Riot Games to expand the in-game economy of Valorant. These credits offer an alternative way for players to unlock agents, weapon skins, and other cosmetic items, offering an exciting new dimension to the Valorant experience. With Kingdom Credits, players can diversify their arsenal and personalize their agents, making each match unique and visually stunning.

How to Earn Kingdom Credits?

Earning Kingdom Credits in Valorant is a goal that every dedicated player can achieve. Here are some ways to get these virtual riches:

Battle Pass: Participating in Valorant's Battle Pass is a fantastic way to earn Kingdom Credits. Players can accumulate points and unlock rewards by completing missions, including Kingdom Credits.

Daily Missions: Valorant features a set of daily missions that offer Kingdom Credits as rewards. These missions encourage players to log in regularly and complete specific tasks to earn credits. Daily missions are often quick and accessible, making them ideal for casual players to earn Kingdom Credits without a significant time commitment.

Just play the game: You can earn Kingdom Points by merely playing the game. These points accumulate over time and can be converted into Kingdom Credits, making consistent gameplay a viable strategy for acquiring this currency. Kingdom Points can be earned by participating in matches and various in-game activities.

Prime Gaming Rewards: Linking your Valorant account to Prime Gaming can yield Kingdom Credits. Riot Games occasionally partners with Prime Gaming to offer exclusive in-game rewards. Who knows, Riot may also add Kingdom Credits to Prime rewards.

Riot Games has implemented a daily limit on the number of Kingdom Credits that can be earned to maintain a fair and balanced in-game economy. Four checkpoints can be completed daily, each rewarding 150 credits per completion for 600 credits daily.

Other than daily missions, there is a general method of acquiring Kingdom Points as well, by playing normal modes:

  • Unrated, Competitive, Swiftplay, and Premierreward 10 Kingdom Credits per round played, and 20 Credits for every round won.
  • For Spike Rush, TDM, and Escalation, 20 Kingdom Credits will be rewarded after the match completion.

How to Unlock Agents with Kingdom Credits

Unlocking agents with Kingdom Credits is a straightforward process. Riot Games has designed this system to be user-friendly and accessible to all players. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Kingdom Credits to unlock agents:

  1. Open the Valorant client and navigate to the "Collection" tab.
  2. Choose "Agents" from the available categories.
  3. Browse through the agents and select the one you wish to unlock.
  4. If you have enough Kingdom Credits, you will see the option to unlock the agent using this currency.
  5. Confirm your selection, and the agent will become available for you to play.

However, newly released agents have four weeks before they can be obtained through kingdom points; this phase is called the Recruitment Event. During the 4-week event phase, the agents are only obtainable through Valorant Points or gaining 200,000 XP after activating the agent contract. After the event, the agents can be purchased for 8000 Kingdom credits. Previously released agents you don't have can be purchased without restrictions for 8000 Kingdom credits.

Beyond unlocking agents, Kingdom Credits allows players to engage with Valorant's rich cosmetic ecosystem. Weapon skins, cosmetic items, and player customization options are all accessible through Kingdom Credits.

Where can you spend Kingdom Credits in the game?

Now that you've amassed a stash of Kingdom Credits, you might wonder where to spend them. Fear not, for Valorant offers a multitude of options:

Weapon Skins: If you want to add flair to your arsenal, Kingdom Credits can be used to purchase weapon skins. These skins change the appearance of your weapons and demonstrate your individuality in the game.

Cosmetic Items: Kingdom Credits can be used to acquire various cosmetic items such as gun buddies, sprays, and player cards. These items allow you to customize your in-game profile and show your unique style.

Radiant Points: Besides unlocking agents, Kingdom Credits can also be used to purchase Radiant Points, which can then be exchanged for premium items and skin variants in the Valorant store.

Kingdom Credits have added depth to Valorant's in-game economy, offering players a new and exciting way to enhance their gaming experience. Whether you're looking to unlock agents, customize your arsenal, or add a personal touch to your profile, Kingdom Credits provides the means. With various methods available to earn them, players can take full advantage of this virtual currency and elevate their Valorant journey.