YouTube vs. Twitch debate is decades old, but if you want to grow quicker, YouTube live streaming is your jam. Whether you're new or a pro at streaming, the red umbrella of YouTube has a space for all creators. In the last decade, YouTube has become a solid option for gaming content creators. Thanks to its broad accessibility to audiences of all types, most streamers prefer YouTube over gaming giant Twitch.

But getting started with your streaming career can be nerve-wracking. We have some tips to make your channel more popular if you are good at your niche, so grab your gear and continue reading.

Have a game plan for each live stream

Many YouTubers give up after streaming for a few months without noticing any growth. The problem isn't the platform; it's the content.

In order to grow on YouTube, your audience needs to have expectations. Random content may get you high viewership occasionally, but a pattern will ensure that you have a small but tight viewership. In order to achieve that, write down the plans for the stream hours in detail. Everything should be written in text, from the game you will play to the mood and music.

Get inside the heads of your target audience if you want to impress them, and focus on their interests to keep them wanting more.

Call your viewers by their name

This one shouldn’t be difficult if you’re a small streamer. Chatting during the stream can foster a close relationship with your viewers. It will boost their interest even if you answer someone randomly during the chat. Try to call them by their name to answer something to strengthen your connection with them.

If you keep your eyes peeled for some successful streamers in this forum, you may find they connect with their audience through various means, such as live chat in the stream.

In addition, you can also plan a Q&A session in the pre-stream phase to allow viewers to interact with each other. Stay moderate with your catchphrases during the stream. Injecting humor and jokes during the stream is also a good idea to keep your audience entertained.

Never compromise on the quality

There's no space for pixelated cameras in 2023. A viewer will quickly pass if you're streaming is low-quality.

Choosing relevant tech toys according to your need is a must in streaming. Invest in a high-resolution camera at least 720p or higher and a microphone, preferably with noise-canceling features. Some YouTubers prefer condenser mics as they are good at absorbing surrounding noises. And most significantly, the lighting effects and camera angle can make or break your show.

Ring lights have become a hot favorite among YouTube streamers. There are plenty of affordable options in various online stores. Moreover, a beefy computer is the backbone of streaming. Look for a top-notch processor, high-speed RAM, and powerful graphics card to ensure your streams run like a well-oiled machine.

Post your streaming schedule

Suppose your viewer expects you to come live at 7 pm. And guess what? You are planning for 9 pm. Whether you stream daily or even weekly, design a schedule you find best for viewers to join. So once you schedule your stream, make sure you stick to it.

Regular streaming does not mean streaming daily. Refrain from overdoing streaming to compromise your quality content, as it takes much energy. Instead, post a streaming schedule on your YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook regularly to ensure your viewers return. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. You can interact with your viewers on other social media platforms to inform them about any changes in the plan.

Use thumbnails smartly

Did you know that viewers are more likely to click on your video if it has a sad/happy face in the thumbnail? Well, now you know.

Stats show you can double your view count smartly using YouTube's thumbnail feature. Not just any thumbnail, but a thumbnail that conveys a strong emotion of sadness or happiness.

Remember that the name of the game is giving your viewers what they want. That's the only secret to a winning stream! By implementing these tips, you can make your stream much better and keep your audience coming back for more. And remember, don’t hesitate to try new things in your recipe.