Raidiant Academy Presented by Vanta Leagues


Raidiant, New Meta Entertainment’s initiative focused on celebrating and championing opportunities for women gamers today announced a new partnership with Vanta Leagues, a youth esports development program. The newly announced partnership between Vanta Leagues and Raidiant will focus on bringing more esports development opportunities to young gamers through development camps and competitive esports leagues. Vanta Leagues will operate camps and leagues for Psyonix’s Rocket League and Riot Games’ VALORANT.

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Ages :

8 - 18 Girls & Boys, Separated 14 & under and 15 - 18


Rocket League || June 6th - June 10th, 7pm - 8:30pm EST

VALORANT || June 13th - June 17th, 7pm - 8:30pm EST

Rocket League:


  • Driving and settings
  • Settings/Describing Different Cars
  • Exploring free play, getting used to driving the car, playing against bots
  • Boost - how to use it, different speeds
  • Ball skills/control - different ways to hit the ball, hitting with pace
  • Striking, car mechanics


  • Aerials
  • Basic aerials
  • Double jump aerials
  • Flipping into ball while aerialing - defense and offense
  • Aerials off the wall/backboard
  • Fast aerials


  • Rotations
  • 1-2-3 rotation and alternatives to it
  • Cutoffs - what they are, when to do them, why
  • Backpost vs. nearpost rotations
  • Defensive positioning
  • How to keep rotations fluid and constant



  • Intro to gunplay and abilities
  • Gunplay - intro to the guns, overview of dif aim mechanics (crosshair placement, spray control, movement)
  • Abilities - overview of abilities, make it specific to the agents the players want to play
  • Gunplay - crosshair placement
  • Gunplay - spray control, crouching vs standing, tap vs spray
  • Gunplay - movement


  • Gathering and using info (macro)
  • Explaining gathering and using info, show demos via pro vods
  • How to gather info, make it specific to the agents your team plays
  • Rotations, Positioning, lanes, areas of control on the map
  • Denying info
  • Vod review a practice from the week, focusing on the gathering info aspects you have taught


  • Team play (micro)
  • Explain team play, why it’s important, show demos via pro vods
  • Comms
  • Positioning
  • Ability usage
  • VOD review a practice from the week, focusing on the team play aspects you have taught

Coaching Credentials: All of our coaches go through our Vanta Coaching Academy which is a minimum of 6 hours of training on effective coaching techniques, practice planning, and peak performance skills.

Coaching Credentials: All of our coaches go through our Vanta Coaching Academy which is a minimum of 6 hours of training on effective coaching techniques, practice planning, and peak performance skills.


Vanta Leagues ( is a youth esports development platform that works with organizations and schools to provide a digital esports platform, competitive esports leagues, and expert coaching and programming to kids ages 8-18. Through esports, Vanta helps organizations engage and impact kids in a meaningful way and reap the benefits of a structured, safe, coached esports development experience.

Raidiant is a newly created initiative from New Meta Entertainment, parent company of storied esports organization, Dignitas. Raidiant serves as a content and events platform for women interested in starting their careers in the esports industry. The website provides a community for marginalized genders to meet and engage with other like-minded individuals and access valuable resources. In the past year, Raidiant operated two of the most watched Women’s esports tournaments in history. In July 2021, Raidiant operated one of Riot Games’ VCT Game Changers events, where over 30,000 concurrent viewers turned in. In February 2022, Raidiant ran the first Raidiant Rocket League Series tournament, breaking multiple records including the highest prize pool for a Women’s Rocket League event, most participants and largest viewership, with 27,000+ viewers concurrently tuning in.

“We’re extremely excited to announce this partnership with Raidiant,” says Zack Fabi, co-founder at Vanta Leagues. “Our hope is that through this partnership we can demonstrate to young gamers that esports is for everyone and we can really emphasize some of the amazing things women in this space are already accomplishing. Helping young gamers see that representation in a tangible way can be super powerful and we’re excited to work with Raidiant to provide some of those opportunities to kids in the gaming space.”

“As a twenty year veteran in the esports space, development programs for youth esports always felt like a pipe dream back when I was a competitor and I couldn’t be happier that what seemed so impossible is now a reality,” says Heather Garozzo, co-Founder and VP of Events and Community for Raidiant, “We’re proud to bring our expertise in the women in gaming space to Vanta Leagues in hopes of inspiring the next generation of gamers through a structured, safe environment for young gamers.”

These organizations will collaborate to expand access to esports for marginalized genders who may otherwise not have the chance to participate in organized esports leagues. The offerings will take place on Vanta’s kid safe (COPPA compliant) digital esports platform and will include access to their accredited coaching curriculum.

The VALORANT camp will begin on June 13th, with the Rocket League camp kicking off on June 6th.